10 ways to wind down during your work week:

1- Yoga How many people do you know that are MORE stressed after yoga? Not many.
2- Hot bath. We suggest Aveda Stress-fix Bath Salts and Calming Body Cleanser.
3- Hot tea. Aveda Comforting Tea is our personal favorite. It’s caffeine-free, of course.
4- A Candle! We are fond of the Shampure Candle.
5- Retail Therapy. Who doesn’t love to treat themselves?? Spoil yourself with Stress-fix Body Cream.
6- Aromatherapy, one good deep breath of Aveda Blue Oil and you’ll understand. Or try one of our Singular Note Essential Oils. Whether you’re a fan of Rose Absolute, Bergamot, Eucalyptus or Sandalwood, we have many aromas that we would love for you to experience.
7- A comfortable run on the beach! Don’t over do it! If you do, we have you covered with Active Oil to relax muscles and inflammation.
8- A Spa Night in! Give yourself a mini facial with Tourmaline Charged Radiant Skin Refiner. You too, men. You know when you’re looking a little, well, rough.
9- Meditation. CALM those crazy thoughts!
10- Chakra Balancing Massage. Balance out your body and get your self to a more level state of mind with a massage from one of our Balance Artists.


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