Pamper Yourself

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Your Beauty Artists™ & Balance Artists™ will design a treatment for you based on the Aveda Elemental Nature philosophy of pure aromas that de-stress, enliven and rejuvenate, using products that produce results and high touch techniques that are appropriate for you. We will bring you back into balance by catering to the element you are in that day by recommending the appropriate techniques, self care inside and out and products that are best for you.


Be Beautiful


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Once you try the Elemental Beauty Gallery that is Quattra Via Aveda Salon Spa you will never go back.

Every service includes a thorough consultation so that you and your Beauty Artist are on the same page about the desired result prior to beginning your treatment.

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Winter Bliss Special


Get the best of both worlds by choosing a 60 min massage or facial along with a 30 min massage or facial. (90 min service) Each experience will be customized based off your needs and will include; both Relaxing Lavender and Refreshing Peppermint aromas to de-stress and start the new year off right, while finding your Winter Bliss!

$140 (originally $200 value)

Available December 2016 – February 2017

10 ways to wind down during your work week:

1- Yoga How many people do you know that are MORE stressed after yoga? Not many.
2- Hot bath. We suggest Aveda Stress-fix Bath Salts and Calming Body Cleanser.
3- Hot tea. Aveda Comforting Tea is our personal favorite. It’s caffeine-free, of course.
4- A Candle! We are fond of the Shampure Candle.
5- Retail Therapy. Who doesn’t love to treat themselves?? Spoil yourself with Stress-fix Body Cream.
6- Aromatherapy, one good deep breath of Aveda Blue Oil and you’ll understand. Or try one of our Singular Note Essential Oils. Whether you’re a fan of Rose Absolute, Bergamot, Eucalyptus or Sandalwood, we have many aromas that we would love for you to experience.
7- A comfortable run on the beach! Don’t over do it! If you do, we have you covered with Active Oil to relax muscles and inflammation.
8- A Spa Night in! Give yourself a mini facial with Tourmaline Charged Radiant Skin Refiner. You too, men. You know when you’re looking a little, well, rough.
9- Meditation. CALM those crazy thoughts!
10- Chakra Balancing Massage. Balance out your body and get your self to a more level state of mind with a massage from one of our Balance Artists.